Who Needs Real Estate Agents when you are able to List your own Home?

Much like what I’ve published about Buyers Collection and mutual fund experts may anger financial experts, I believe this informative article about not requiring real estate agents may as well anger lots of realtors.

So please accept my sorry ahead of time. Due to the larger property prices (and consequently greater commission prices) in Canada, increasingly more Canadians are choosing to sell their property on their own. However, this might show challenging since the a lot and much more Canadians are trying to find their properties is by the Multiple Listing Service (this is the way we identified our present property). The handy MLS is subsidized from the Canadian Property Association.just-listed-new-home_650[1]

Many Canadians are opting for this way to save $20,000+ (in some instances, much more) due to the expensive charges of realtors. This is particularly so for marketplaces which have expensive properties like Vancouver. For instance, over a $500,000 home, real estate commission will surely cost $21,000 for the seller. As pointed out in the earlier post, the commission that the realtor will get is a split between buyer as well as the vendor agent. Obviously, real estate agent needs to spend on their overhead expenses, such as payment towards the realty company.

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