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If you want to sell your Vancouver house on your own, you have come to the right place!

But remember, you have to consider some areas and measures that you have to take during the preparation and the selling process. It’s not easy to sell a house on your own, but if you’re willing to work at it alone, you can definitely save more money. Advice for FSBOs – how to get the most money for your dollar in Canada is discussed below.

Prepare the House that you are Selling

The preparation process is long one; longer than the selling process itself. If you don’t want to get help from realtors, you can do it yourself by taking one step at a time. Don’t do it all simultaneously or you will be overwhelmed. The essential thing that you should to prepare is the legal document of the house and lot. You will need the help of the lawyers to arrange the permits and the all the legal papers wherein ownership is discussed and all the fees that must be paid. This is important as buyers are always concerned with the legalities of the homes they are buying. Vancouver home buyers are very fussy, so make it count!.

Make the House Exterior Appealing
Remodel or renovate your front porch and house façade in a way that can catch people’s attention. Make the most of your house exterior to engage and attract people. While beautifying your house, make sure also that you don’t spend too much on the renovation. Apply a fresh coat of paint on your house exterior to make it look like new and clean. Appearance is everything for the buyers. Once they like how the house looks like on the outside, they will eventually accept what is inside. This is the first impression that you have to deal with, especially when you’re selling the house on your own.

Make the Interior Design Interesting
If you still have enough money left for house renovation after the exterior makeover, try to arrange your house interior into something remarkable. Add some touch of modern design on walls or the windows. Hang some modern lamps from the ceiling to add significant feature, for example. Make it cozy, comfortable, and inviting. Repair also some cracks, leaks, and even door knobs. Ensure the safety and security of the home as well, such as the alarm system. Most buyers want a house that they are comfortable to live in and safe for them and the family.
In this way, you can sell your house at higher value. If you’ve done all these, you are ready to sell your house and put a sign on the lawn for a sale. For sale by owners scheme are getting popular these days as the owners tend to benefit more money than selling the house through the help of realtors. If you’re an owner and are selling your house by yourself, you don’t have to worry about the commissions that you have to give to realtors or real estate agents and you are the one who sets the price for your own home. The down side of this is you really have to have the time in doing all the work. You even have to be the one designing your house and doing the lifting of furniture. But if you can do these things alone, then it’s best to sell the house by yourself.

Be careful of crafty realtors
When you finally list your home its important to avoid coming into contact with realtors. Take a look at my post here: It will be a tough road ahead while you negotiate by yourself, but it sure beats having to sell your home through a realtor after you have done all the work!


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