Essential Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

The following are some fresh and bizarre applications which may be of help for real estate agents to concentrate, stay on track, feel and look like a specialist. Nowadays, real estate agents must be able to use tech tools to serve clients better and to be able to stay competitive in the real estate industry.

1. Sitegeist

This is a free smartphone tool which provides significant details about the location where you are currently positioned. Likewise, it gives facts that customers and prospect buyers would wish to know. In just a handful of hits and taps on Sitegeist, it may let you know of the following:

-Age dissemination
-Traveling details
-Remarkable climate data and highest temperatures
-Great diners, hot areas and sites in the region
-Typical fee
-Political influences, by party linkagesre-technology

2. Open Home Pro

It’s a free tablet app that is definitely beneficial to agents for a more efficient and classic captures of contact details during open houses. It provides agents the advantages to:

-Accumulate and convert competent leads
-Be aware about customers’ information whether or not they are represented by an agent; if they are approved beforehand for a mortgage or who among the leads are highly interested
-Automatically follow up by email
-Deliver reports of changes
-Easy follow up
-Streamlined listing and advertising

3. Dell Venue Tablet

It is designed to satisfy the demands of occupied road-warrior real estate agents. They certainly need an accessible file organization which is optimized to function effortlessly using a cloud software application.
Image editing is required to be simple and easy; streamlined.

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