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Caveat when doing FSBO: A Crafty Vancouver realtor: Beware

I thought I would chime in here and post a recent story of a recent friend who listed his property. The realtor tried to “fish” his listing by saying he “had a buyer.” Be very careful with these types of stories… anyway here is his experience he asked me to post on the site.

If you would like to complain to the real estate board on activities like this I would encourage you to use the real estate council of British Columbia Canada.


“Selling your own home, just like any other business, has never been without its challenges. While some challenges are unavoidable, there exists others, such as being shifted by a realtor, that are completely unnecessary and their occurrence can leave you having to pay huge commission or worse, stuck in a listing contract with a crappy realtor!

My life in real estate has never been without its fair share of challenges. Noteworthy of these challenges is one that occurred leaving outwitted and cheated. Here is my story:

Having some knowledge about how people have been felt swiped by realtors, I undertook to sell my Vancouver property through sale by owner. As usual with any sale by owner I listed my property and crossed my fingers waiting for that call. In the few days that followed, I wouldn’t leave my telephone behind. Be it the bathroom, the shopping mall, everywhere my phone was my companion. Any incoming call was received with anticipation.

Every time my mobile phone would ring in my pocket, I would quickly pull it out hoping that my aha! moment was about to unfold. My anticipation would be worse if the number happened to be a new contact.

As days moved I could notice feelings of impatience creeping in but somehow an inner voice managed to convince me to hold on. In all battles of impatience versus patience, the latter would always thrash the former.

One day while lying on the couch gazing at the ceiling after watching a epic movie my friend had encouraged me to buy, my phone rang and in anticipation, I quickly picked it and on the other end was a man. The conversation went like this:

Me:Hello, this is Madison. May I know who I am speaking to?
Caller: Hi Mr. Madison, my name is [name hidden] I am a West Vancouver real estate agent from Remax.
My heart skipped for a while by the mention of realtor as I remembered stories I had heard about realtors. I though of hanging up but somehow, my inner voice convinced me to proceed. I decided to trust my inner voice. Thus the conversation went on:
Me: Happy to talk to you [name], so now tell me; how can I help you?
Caller: I have seen your house for sale at 2520 westhill drive, west vancouver, bc, Canada, and I thought of sharing something with you.
Me: Go ahead
Caller: As I said before I am a realtor and part of my work is to ensure that I link you to a buyer who would be willing to acquire the property a good price…
Me: Yes
Caller: So Mr. Madison, I have good news for you.
Me: Sure
Caller: Believe you me, I can happily report that your house has found a prospective buyer who is willing to come and have a view of the home.

The conversation went on for a while after which we settled for a date-which was a week away-which the buyer would come and have a view of the home.

The next one week was like a whole year for me. I couldn’t get much sleep as thoughts of finally selling my home and getting the money preoccupied me day and night. Each night I would dream walking around the home with the buyer answering her questions to her delight and satisfaction.

My long wait was getting to an end and the previous night, I called the realtor to confirm the visit and to my delight, he actually confirmed that together with the prospective buyer, they would visit the home the following day at 2 p.m.

That night I could hardly sleep. The following morning I woke up earlier than usual in an expectant mood. I undertook my chores to around noon time when I started preparing myself for my guests. Two hours later, and my guests had not arrived. I convinced myself that maybe I was too impatient. Half an hour later and no guest in site, impatience started creeping in. I thought of calling but again I did not want to appear too desperate. An hour later a man walked into my compound and my hunch told me that it was Richard.

True to assumption he introduced himself as Richard upon which I wanted to know where the buyer was. He started telling me stories of why the client had not come. From emergency work commitments to family issues, the stories were a kin to a soap opera. I remained quiet though.

Once done with his stories, he assured me that everything would be alright as the buyer had entrusted him to check the house on her behalf and that in fact the transaction was actually a done deal.He asked for information that I noted was the same information I required when self listing and at this point I was adamant that I would not him the required information. After trying much to convince me and seeing that he was not making any progress, our conversation came to an acrimonious end and he left.

While I was lucky that I didn’t get duped, and actually sold my home through sale by owner listing, not many will be. I am sure many complaints abound of people persuade by not only a realtor but by many other realtors spread across Canada, so I wanted to write this quick blurb.

This is a video showing how these realtors are trained to scoup up your hard earned money from the sale of your only property!

This gives you some insight as to how they get trained…

My hope after this ordeal was that one day homeowners would get a platforms LIKE this for sale by owner site for vancouver. to self list their property so that a realtor does not have to enact their repetitive soap opera to be recited over and over again.

The good news is that a platform for sale by owner listing is no longer something to be hoped for. Thanks to this website, and a few other Vancouver sites have allowed us to play in the game. Now one can never be worried of getting a raw deal from engaging the services of realtors.

Now as a real estate dealer, owner or anybody interested in selling any particular kind of real estate can now get their property sold without engaging the services of realtors.So you have property out there? Self list now and enjoy the benefits of your hard toiled investment.

Just to be aware of who this realtor is. I don’t want to tattle tail, but it should be noted. His home search website – wordpropertylinks is here, and he sells and he sells lots of residences with his cheeky tactics. This realtor also likes to pitch to new apartment sellers in the greater vancouver area, probably using the same tactics.

Buyer BEWARE!”

Please dont get duped! List your Vancouver condo or property with us and we will show you how to get the maximum amount for your property!! CLICK BELOW!

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Tips on How to Sell Your House on Your Own Home in East Vancouver


For sale by owner homes in Vancouver

Welcome to our site. This is a place where you can rant and post your property for sale, including finding a few gems that Vancouver has to offer. If you would like to list simply contact us through the contact form located on this site.

What we do
We distribute your Vancouver property to major search engines like google and prepare a youtube video all free of charge. The only thing we ask in return is that you use our mortgage broker, which is also free of charge.

If you want to sell your Vancouver house on your own, you have come to the right place!

But remember, you have to consider some areas and measures that you have to take during the preparation and the selling process. It’s not easy to sell a house on your own, but if you’re willing to work at it alone, you can definitely save more money. Advice for FSBOs – how to get the most money for your dollar in Canada is discussed below.

Prepare the House that you are Selling

The preparation process is long one; longer than the selling process itself. If you don’t want to get help from realtors, you can do it yourself by taking one step at a time. Don’t do it all simultaneously or you will be overwhelmed. The essential thing that you should to prepare is the legal document of the house and lot. You will need the help of the lawyers to arrange the permits and the all the legal papers wherein ownership is discussed and all the fees that must be paid. This is important as buyers are always concerned with the legalities of the homes they are buying. Vancouver home buyers are very fussy, so make it count!.

Make the House Exterior Appealing
Remodel or renovate your front porch and house façade in a way that can catch people’s attention. Make the most of your house exterior to engage and attract people. While beautifying your house, make sure also that you don’t spend too much on the renovation. Apply a fresh coat of paint on your house exterior to make it look like new and clean. Appearance is everything for the buyers. Once they like how the house looks like on the outside, they will eventually accept what is inside. This is the first impression that you have to deal with, especially when you’re selling the house on your own.

Make the Interior Design Interesting
If you still have enough money left for house renovation after the exterior makeover, try to arrange your house interior into something remarkable. Add some touch of modern design on walls or the windows. Hang some modern lamps from the ceiling to add significant feature, for example. Make it cozy, comfortable, and inviting. Repair also some cracks, leaks, and even door knobs. Ensure the safety and security of the home as well, such as the alarm system. Most buyers want a house that they are comfortable to live in and safe for them and the family.
In this way, you can sell your house at higher value. If you’ve done all these, you are ready to sell your house and put a sign on the lawn for a sale. For sale by owners scheme are getting popular these days as the owners tend to benefit more money than selling the house through the help of realtors. If you’re an owner and are selling your house by yourself, you don’t have to worry about the commissions that you have to give to realtors or real estate agents and you are the one who sets the price for your own home. The down side of this is you really have to have the time in doing all the work. You even have to be the one designing your house and doing the lifting of furniture. But if you can do these things alone, then it’s best to sell the house by yourself.

Be careful of crafty realtors
When you finally list your home its important to avoid coming into contact with realtors. Take a look at my post here: It will be a tough road ahead while you negotiate by yourself, but it sure beats having to sell your home through a realtor after you have done all the work!


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Is there a lot of speculation in Vancouver Real Estate for 2014?

The real estate property market in Vancouver, Canada has now gone haywire with the spiralling rise in property values, coupled with the onslaught of foreign buyers lapping up real properties in several key areas. Property prices are now sy its highest levels, and is expected to climb up some more in the next few years. Now, is there a lot of speculation in Vancouver real estate market in 2014?

It has been said that this excessive speculation now happening in Vancouver, Canada is not doing the residents any good. This phenomenon of speculation gave rise to overshooting property values, which is now far beyond the reach of ordinary folks. Buying a house now would entail too much capital outlay and monthy installment fees, leaving little monies to invest in other things. With high mortgage payments, the triggers for economic renewal, like purchase of basic commodities and investments in small businesses, is kept to a minimum.

With little or no investments in the local economy, Vancouverites , saw the fall of many small businesses in the locality. This has resulted to unemployment with many folks joining the part-time labour market. This type of labour does not get paid like regular labour. They are paid less, and their jobs may be temporary or seasonal. With an economy that is tipping towards recession, coupled high property values, there is now seen a marked increased in foreclosures proceedings.

The real property markets now is considered robust, attributing it mainly to local investor confidence and foreign investor entry the past few years. There has been an increase in the purchases done by the Chinese investors among others, who avowed that Canadian property values is still undervalued as of today.

The local folks also had a hand with the steep property values now being experienced in the real estate markets. It was not uncommom 10 years ago, to see people buying their homes at bargain prices and then re-selling it a couple of years later at windfall profits. This situation plus the entry of foreign investors, had presently pushed property values beyond the reach of the ordinary folks in Canada.

With proper guidelines from local governments, this situation can be be mitigated to avoid any untoward movements resulting to the uncontrolled upward spiral in property values.